Public Master Class with Mani Haghighi

Mani Haghighi likes to compare his stories to a curveball in a baseball play. Curveballs are thrown with such force that the batter can hardly anticipate the ball’s trajectory. Nothing you could say about Haghighi’s films can be said with certainty.
Over the course of a detailed conversation between Mani Haghighi and Ute Holl, Matthias Wittmann and Hemen Heidari from the seminar for Media Studies in Basel, they will try to outline the flight path of all these curve balls that the director throws at us.

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Sat 28.05. 10:00–13:00,

Stadtkino Basel


Film-Café for Film Lovers

Close your eyes. Which image from the last film do you see? Can you fall in love during a movie?
Which film did you discuss longest? This year, the lounge of Bildrausch Filmfest transforms into an open film café. We invite you to discuss what it is that movies do to us.

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Sat 28.05. 15:00

Sun 29.05. 14:00



Evening Delight: SALON ÉROTIQUE

Risqué oeuvres from the back rooms of film history for all you friends of the noble art of defoliation. As a special treat we offer strip-to-tease luxury goods and easy watching erotica substandard films from the 50s and 60s of the last century. Exclusively for Bildrausch, a private collector and true connoisseur opens the door to his treasure chamber. Pure erotica, pure exotica, pure glamour!

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Fri 27.05