Padilla’s Sound Art in Lutz’s Universe of Signs: «WANDERLUST» and 

The Argentinian composer and sound artist Abril Padilla enters into a dialogue with the cinematic universe of Klaus Lutz (1940-2009). The rampantly delicate and temptingly mysterious film collages by the St. Gall artist, etcher and thinker reveal a wondrous universe of signs and planets, whose orbits Klaus Lutz cheerfully travels as a man dressed in white and black overalls, free from any force of gravity. Just as Klaus Lutz had intended the films to be screened back then, Bildrausch now projects his films Wanderlust (2001) and The Beauty of My Island (1999) – two films shot in a round picture format – onto a white meteorological balloon. On the piazza in front of the Stadtkino, Lutz’s visual world merges with Padilla’s sound compositions. After the premiere of the composition, Balimage – the Basel association for film and media art – invites you to a reception.