Film-Karaoke: “You talkin' to me?” – "Here's looking at you, kid!"

Have you always wanted to slip into the skin of your favorite movie hero? Here’s the perfect opportunity for you: In cooperation with the symphony orchestra Basel, the Theater Basel and the Eco-Festival, Bildrausch invites you to a special night of karaoke. We don’t sing songs, but we reenact and give a new score to movie scenes, assisted by musicians. Even if you don’t want to perform yourself, you can help to turn this evening into a success by pedaling as hard as you can and let the right movie clip flicker over our screen, powered by bicycle electricity.

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Fri 27.05. 22:15–23:30
Theaterplatz Basel

In case of strong wind or bad weather, an alternative venue will be announced on the Bildrausch website on May 27 after 12 o’clock.