Film-Café for Film Lovers

Close your eyes. Which image from the last film do you see? Can you fall in love during a movie? Ask the person next to you which film he or she would recommend. Which film did you discuss longest? This year, the lounge of Bildrausch Filmfest transforms into an open film café. We invite you to discuss what it is that movies do to us. For once we don’t ask: «How did you do this, Mr. or Ms. Director?» We are interested in the perception of the audience. For each and everyone something different happens inside his or her head – nothing is wrong, everything is right, and everybody is an expert. On Saturday and Sunday afternoon, the film journal «Filmbulletin» and Bildrausch invite a select group of guests to a talk. However, at the film-café everybody can join in the lively debate and share his or her thoughts or experiences, or you can simply sit, enjoy and listen.