Award Ceremony

The international jury awards the best film with a prize worth 3000 Swiss Francs and the Bildrausch ring (designed by Christa Wegener) on Sunday evening. Niggi Ullrich will host the award ceremony, which will be followed by a reception offered by Bildrausch. The winning film will be screened again at 21.00 at the Stadtkino Basel.

Sun 29.05.


Stadtkino Basel



The glorious four of the Denner Clan surf on spaghetti – and they will make sure that the 6th edition of Bildrausch ends in a wild ride over dizzying musical heights. Only one thing remains to be done during the shootout between guitar (Rocco Raúl), bass (San Remo), drums (Freck) and the galloping vocals of Zulu: to dance your shoes off and dance the night away to garage rock which is like a ride on wild horses.

Sonntag 29.05. 21:00

on the Piazza in front of the Stadtkino Basel (nice weather) or in the Bildrausch Salon (in case of rain). Free admission. 


DJs at Bildrausch-Salon

DJ Tom Best plays Rock’n’Roll, Rhythm’n’Blues and Early Soul for a worthy conclusion of the festival. He's simply the Best!

Sun 29.05.


DJ Tom Best