Above Us Only Sky von Arthur Kleinjan – Opening

With its meticulous yet playful approach, Above Us Only Sky blurs the boundaries that separate us from the past and re-places them with a present-day world that alternates between reality, imagina-tion and speculation. A multi-layered visual and narrative allegory of individual and collective memory.

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Thursday 20.06. 18.00 - 20.00

balzer projects


The Oracle von Peter Mettler - Opening

In his documentary works, the Canadian-Swiss filmmaker Peter Mettler combines intuition with drama and experimentation to create a unique, sensual essay form. For Bildrausch, he channels his search for true and profound images to the ceiling projection of the Stadtkino Basel, where over the coming year they will invite you to enjoy a sensory and pictorial ecstasy.

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Thursday 20.06. 20.45



School Screenings

How do filmmakers tell the stories of their films? Which cross-section of reality do they choose? Bildrausch aims to sensitise young adults to film art through its school screenings, and allows them to talk to the directors. You can obtain more information from Valerio Bonadei, valerio-at-filmbuero.ch

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Thursday 20.06. - Friday 21.06.

Stadtkino Basel


The Bildrausch Festival Bag

Since 2017, Bildrausch – in cooperation with the Fachmaturitätsschule (FMS) school – presents a bag that has been specially created for the festival. In 2019, we once again want to delight our guests with a Bildrausch bag. The graduating class 3E in Design and Art at FMS Basel has examined the needs of festival guests and other well-known festival bags to develop a new form, conduct critical discussions and test prototypes, before producing 80 copies of the final product.

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