Filmmakers' Cuisine

“I’m quite convinced that cooking is the only alternative to filmmaking,” says Werner Herzog, as he eats his shoe. Anyone who can cook can also make films, says the filmmaker and eccentric Peter Kubelka. We don’t want to go that far. However, we agree with Kubelka that both are physical manifestations that trigger thoughts in the mind of the spectator or eater. It is necessary to master craftsmanship, creativity, courage and intuition in order to create something surprising, both in the kitchen and on the film set. No wonder that many filmmakers have a gifted chef hidden inside them. The Swiss director Christoph Schaub approaches a film set like he approaches his casseroles: with curiosity, flair and true mastery. And the Austrian master editor Monika Willi demonstrates that the artful balance of perfect ingredients is also essential in the kitchen. Both filmmaker chefs will stand behind the Bildrausch cookers! 10 CHF per menu.


FRI 21.06., 18.00 – 21.00, Monika Willi, Piazza
SAT 22.06., 18.00 – 21.00, Christoph Schaub, Piazza


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