A volta ao mundo quando tinhas 30 anos
Around the World When You Were My Age



Accepting adventure, exploring the world and getting a better idea of it: that was the plan with which Jiro Koretzky embarked on a journey around the globe in the 1970s, as a young man aged thirty. Koretzky, who later became a landscape architect, held on to his numerous photos and notes from these travels like a treasure. A treasure that his daughter has now dug up for her film and transformed into a loving, cinematically reconstructed travel diary. The father – with his tireless yearning to explore places and people, as well as all the minor and major miracles of nature – is omnipresent. For him, and with him, the Portuguese-born director, who now commutes between Lisbon and Tokyo, has used the photographs and present-day Super-8 footage to bring together the past and the present, history and private material, into a complex mosaic of memory, which lives off the magic of fleeting moments as well as off the vivid voice and thoughts of a man who not only experienced the most diverse countries, but also looked deep inside himself throughout the course of his life. (pj)



Portugal 2018
110 Min. Farbe. DCP. Jap/e

Director: Aya Koretzky

Script: Aya Koretzky, Jiro Koretzky

Camera: Aya Koretzky

Editor: Tomás Baltazar

Cast: Jiro Koretzky, Aya Koretzky, Anna Koretzky


International Competition 2019 "Cutting Edge"


Friday 21.06.2019
16.45 Uhr

Stadtkino Basel

In attendance of Aya Koretzky


Sunday 23.06.2019
17.00 Uhr

kult.kino atelier

In attendance of Aya Koretzky