Siegerfilm 2 – Bildrausch-Filmfest Basel 2019
Winner Film 2 – Bildrausch-Filmfest Basel 2019



With the Peter Liechti Award, Bildrausch is commemorating the Swiss filmmaker and author Peter Liechti (1951 to 2014). The award aims to honour a work which stands out due to its narrative or visual courage – a film that “goes all out”. Peter Liechti’s opus embodies the idea of the radically unique. Risk-taking was his credo, and the generous, witty author and filmmaker not only expected this from himself, but also from his audiences: "... I want people to go out on a limb with the film, far out where things actually get really uncomfortable". This for him was the only consistent way of making films. Peter Liechti joined the first Bildrausch as a jury member of the international competition in 2011 and stayed connected with the festival during the remainder of his life. The award is also designed as a ring and comes with a cash prize of 2,000 CHF. The Peter Liechti Award is donated by the Basel-based company Tweaklab and Reck Filmproduktion Zürich.




International Competition 2019 "Cutting Edge"
Bildrausch 2019