Siegerfilm 1 – Bildrausch-Filmfest Basel 2019
Winner Film 1 – Bildrausch-Filmfest Basel 2019



The international jury awards the Bildrausch Ring of Film Art to the most outstanding film of the International Competition – together with a cash prize of 5,000 CHF. The silver ring, which is forged to measure in the night before the awards ceremony, is engraved with the name of the director, the title of the film and the Bildrausch edition. The ring is decorated with a raw diamond, signifying the kinds of films that are near to the festival’s heart: one can’t see through them at first sight, they are multi-layered and they hold secrets – and above all: they are not polished to live up to prevailing norms.




International Competition 2019 "Cutting Edge"
Bildrausch 2019