Der Videok├╝nstler Tony Conrad - Vortrag von Tabea Lurk
Lecture by Tabea Lurk on Tony Conrad



Since the late 1970s, Tony Conrad has increasingly made use of the video medium to express himself artistically. In a videographic review of his work, Tabea Lurk (author of the German monograph "Tony Conrad: Video und dar├╝ber hinaus") shows how Conrad keeps on appearing in his own works, taking on roles such as a musician, a moderator, a psychologist or a university lecturer, to speak directly to the audience with sparkling eloquence. We will see examples from his most varied creative phases: from the structuralist, film-theoretical video works of the late 1970s, via the narrative 1980s, his return to music in the 1990s and, finally, the self-reflection and social critique of the 2000s. The result is a lively collage of the versatile performance and video artist Conrad.



60 Min.


Tony Conrad
Bildrausch 2017