Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present



Tony Conrad was a giant, both in the literal and figurative sense. This already becomes evident after taking a brief glance at the outstanding artistic opus of the American avant-garde filmmaker, who since the early 1960s kept setting new standards. Conrad has not only written music history, be it with the minimalists La Monte Young, alongside John Cale and Lou Reed or with his own experimental Noise Collages; he was also an experimental filmmaker, performance artist and video artist, who repeatedly and emphatically turned the ruling paradigms of the day on their heads.  
The experienced editor (The Devil and Daniel Johnston, 2005) and short filmmaker Tyler Hubby has followed the traces of the phenomenon Tony Conrad in his documentary debut. For more than 20 years, he has accompanied the energetic artist and collected a wealth of material that gives a remarkably personal insight into Conrad's thoughts and working methods, while at the same time showing an effusive passion, which is nothing short of contagious.



USA 2016
96 Min. Color. DCP. E/d

Director: Tyler Hubby

Script: Tyler Hubby

Camera: Fortunato Procopio, Damian Calvo

Editor: Tyler Hubby


Tony Conrad
Bildrausch 2017