Mädchen, Mädchen
Girls, Girls



More by coincidence than by intention, Angela returns to the mansion from which she was taken and brought to an approved school years ago. This happened because she – a minor – had an affair with a man of advanced age; a casual and sophisticated man, a factory owner and local hero who takes the girls as they come – even if this means prison for him, such as it did in the case of Angela. Once she’s there again, the junior of the house takes care of her, in a clumsy but determined manner. Later, the senior returns, and the two hosts implicitly suggest that they could share Angela, but … I'll be there, with a love that will shelter you / I'll be there, with a love that will see you through, sings David Llywelyn when Angela and the junior really get close to each other on the grass outside. A moment of horny frenzy, almost like a rupture in what is otherwise a subversively subtle, sometimes almost surreal chamber play, whose visual splendor and clarity shake up the audience. A film as beautiful as the sparkle of a cat’s emerald eyes. Only Roger Fritz, truly the most awesome man in the cinematic landscape of the Federal Republic of Germany, could build this monument. Only him! (om)


Supporting film: Galaxis (1967)

BRD 1967.13 Min. s/w. 35mm. D
Director: Rudolf Thome



Germany 1967
102 Min. bw. 35mm. D/e

Director: Roger Fritz

Script: Roger Fritz, Eckhart Schmidt

Camera: Klaus König

Editor: Heidi Genée

Music: David Llewellyn

Cast: Helga Anders, Jürgen Jung, Helmut Lange


Springtime in Munich - The Munich Group 1966–1969
Bildrausch 2016