Mata-me por favor
Kill Me Please



Barra de Tijuca is a district situated in the west of Rio de Janeiro. It is an accumulation of high-rise buildings in the midst of a wasteland that at night becomes dangerous territory. The population reacts with shock and dismay to a series of rapes and murders. Bia and her girlfriends, however, triggered by hormones in the confusing age of adolescence, respond with morbid fascination. They engage in a game where fear becomes pleasurable, and which is fed by rumors and suspicions. Bia, in particular, recklessly pushes the limits and engages in a very personal flirt with a lethal threat. After three short films, the Brazilian filmmaker Anita Rocha da Silveira now presents an unconventionally dark debut film with Mate-me por favor. An expedition into this dark realm free of adults, in which the psyches of teenagers lose their way in a battle between a longing for death and a lust for life. A realm in which desire merges with blood, which can become the ultimate proof for one’s own uncertain existence. An atmospheric picture offering a cursory reminiscence of genre films. A film which captures the emotional chaos of its young protagonists in the dazzling colors of clearly structured images before dissolving into an associative space. (as)

The director is present.



Brasil, Argentinia 2015
101 Min. Color. DCP. P/e

Director: Anita Rocha da Silveira

Script: Anita Rocha da Silveira

Camera: João Atala

Editor: Marilia Moraes

Music: Bernardo Uzeda

Cast: Valentina Herszage, Dora Friend, Mariana Oliveira


International Competition 2016 "Cutting Edge"
Bildrausch 2016