11 Minut
11 Minutes



In the beginning, we prowl through a cyber-cemetery. A mass of disconnected images from the internet, from cell phones or from a video surveillance system. At the end, we are faced with a mosaic consisting of similar kinds of images that turns into a cosmic video screen – with a blind spot. What happens in between, we might best describe as a challenging mixture of avant-garde film and action blockbuster with a story full of fateful misfortunes à la Kieslowski, in which the lives of various people from Warsaw are mysteriously intertwined: The actress, her jealous husband and the Hollywood director in the hotel; the ex-convict at the grill kiosk; the pregnant woman; the nutcase on the outskirts of town, etc. The film jumps back and forth in time between the various stories; but when it is all finally tied together, time seems to stand still. Jerzy Skolimowski, crossing the boundaries of genre and production culture, is Poland’s lonely wolf in modern world cinema. He sardonically muses about time and eternity, God and chance, guilt, damnation and forgiveness. The insights he gains are bizarrely comforting. (om)



Poland, Ireland 2015
81 Min. Color. DCP. Pol, E/e

Director: Jerzy Skolimovski

Script: Jerzy Skolimovski

Camera: Mikolay Lebkowski

Editor: Agnieszka Glinska

Music: David L. Price, Tomasz Walewski

Cast: Richard Dormer, Paulina Chapko, Wojciech Mecwaldowski, Andrzej Chyra


International Competition 2016 "Cutting Edge"
Bildrausch 2016