Jury of the International Competition 2018


(born in Yorkshire) worked for several years as a freelance writer, film lecturer and curator, before becoming the Director of Cinema at the London-based Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in 1988. For eight years, he programmed the two cinemas of the ICA and led its film distribution arm “ICA Projects”. As the artistic director of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, he shaped its profile between 1996 and 2004 – forever on the lookout for new directors and film trends, with a particular interest in films from East Asia and developing countries, as well as in works from the borderland between cinema and other art forms. He rescued experimental films from their usual festival niche and placed them prominently and courageously in the main programme. His heart beats for films that use their own language to respond to social circumstances; in art, he always seeks the relevance to the present. This approach connects him with Peter Sellars, and for the latter's “New Crowned Hope” festival on occasion of the Vienna Mozart Year 2006 he curated and co-produced a film programme: six commissioned works from various regions of the world – including one by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, for whose films he has long been a producer.



(born 1966 in Athens) is a filmmaker and producer. She is considered the central figure of recent Greek cinema, which has made a name for itself in recent years thanks to its radical, free and uncompromising films. Like a behavioural scientist, she takes a close look at the human species and its strange behaviour in her films – and thereby invents a formally original cinema full of absurd situations and its own unique comedy. She has said that her approach to staging is more biological than psychological, and her sources of inspiration include everything from Buñuel to Aristotle and nature films. With Attenberg, which premiered in 2010 in Venice and opened the first edition of Bildrausch, she paved the way for the New Greek Wave. In 2015, her buddy comedy Chevalier was widely acclaimed at the film festivals in Locarno, Toronto and New York, and was named “Best Film” at the London Film Festival, as well as being nominated for an Independent Spirit Award and an Oscar. As a producer, she and her production company Haos Film also actively support other people’s projects. For Yorgos Lanthimos – the other young Greek savage – she produced Kinetta, Dogtooth and Alps, and she co-produced Richard Linklater’s Before Midnight.



(born 1966 in Lisbon) is one of the most important directors of contemporary Portuguese cinema. She is tirelessly devoted to those marginalised by society. Since her debut Alex (1991), she has devoted herself to characters and fates of different backgrounds, again and again drawing startling portraits: children from orphanages who don't want to obey (The Mutants, 1988), young women who are degraded to sex slaves (Trance, 2006) and simple middle-class families slowly breaking apart as a result of inner and outer circumstances. Far from simple social critique, she addresses acute social problems without pointing fingers. Perched between cool observation and poetic imagination, she reflects the dominant views and then breaks them apart. Her unique and at times radical cinematic form becomes a means to an end: she rebels against the status quo as resolutely as her characters. Her films have been screened at major international film festivals for years, and have regularly caused a stir. For her latest film, Colo, she was awarded the Bildrausch Ring of Film Art in 2017.