Film Café for film lovers

After the screening of Big Big World, the Bildrausch Salon will be transformed into an open film café. For once, the question is not "How did you do that, Mr or Mrs Director?" Today, we are above all inter- ested in how the audience perceived the film. In the film café, everyone is an ex- pert, just like the two guests who we have invited to take part in this conversation. The conversation is prodded into action by Tereza Fischer, Filmbulletin's chief editor. But the idea of the film café is that every- one who wants to can eagerly share their thoughts and experiences, or also just listen in.


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Sunday 25.06.




Awards Ceremony

On Sunday evening, the international Jury will award the best Bildrausch film with a prize worth 3000 CHF and the Bildrausch Ring of Film Art (Design: Christa Wegener). The awards ceremony will be moderated by Niggi Ullrich. After the ceremony, Bildrausch and tibits invite you to a reception. The winning film will be shown at 21.00 hrs at Stadtkino Basel.


Sun 25.06.


Stadtkino Basel



The Bildrausch Festival Bag

Bildrausch is proud to be able to give its guests a specially designed bag for the first time – and maybe you can have one too! The design/art class 3E of Fach- maturitätsschule Basel has designed the bag especially for Bildrausch. Inspired by the needs of festival-goers and by other famous festival bags. The class chose advertising canvasses of past editions of the festival as the bag's raw material. Thanks to the selected material, each bag is unique. What's more: this cool bag can’t be purchased. But we will give away two bags every evening during the festival!

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Sunday 25.06.

Bag raffle

In the film screening of The Woman who left and the Award Ceremony