It's the end of the you choose it!

Flaming infernos, air disasters, devastating plagues, but also collisions and derailments in ones own household or (love) life: what could be more beautiful than creating your own individual disaster programme – reduced to a few minutes and without all the unnecessary dialogue and action. The "viewers-digest" form of major cinema hits were offered on Super-8 in the 1970s and 1980s and sold for up to 150 Swiss Francs to impatient audiences. Bernd Brehmer, a Super-8 collector and Bildrausch entertainer from the get-go is bringing them to Basel. In the Bildrausch Salon, audience members can select abridged versions of bizarre disaster movies from his magic chest: an all-encompassing fire that lasts 40 minutes, the world annihilated in 20 minutes or an attack of giant spiders exterminating humankind in just 10. That's how beautiful disasters can be!