Film Review Workshop

The film review workshop will teach journ-alistic basics: we will discuss how to approach unconventional works and find a good balance between personal opinion and interpretation – topics that will be tested in practice after the workshop. Participants will write about the film Big Big World by Reha Erdem, which is shown in the Competition programme. The best review will be rewarded with a publication on the website of Filmbulletin, a one year subscription of its magazine edition and a Bildrausch Festival Pass for 2018. The course will be led by the chief editor of Filmbulletin, Tereza Fischer. Sign up here: anmeldung(at)

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Friday 23.06.

9.30 - 16.30

Charge 20 CHF


Insyriated – Talking about War

Is there an adequate narrative form when it comes to depicting the experience of war and being on the run? Are dramatic devices such as emotions and suspense reconcilable with ethical principles? Philippe de Leeuw (Insyriated) talks with Ossama Mohammed, a Syrian filmmaker (Silvered Rain, 2014) and the journalist Noëmi Landolt about opportunities, boundaries and responsibilities. 

Moderation: Jean Perret, Director of Cinéma du réel, HEAD Geneva.


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Friday 23.06.




Film-Karaoke: “You talkin' to me?” – "Here's looking at you, kid!"

Have you always wanted to slip into the skin of your favourite film hero? Now you have the perfect opportunity to do so: in cooperation with Theater Basel and mediaTon, Bildrausch invites you to a special kind of karaoke night. We don’t sing songs, but re-dub film scenes and record the fun. Everything is allowed and everyone can take part! If you don’t like any of our excerpts, no problem! Just suggest a better idea. The evening will be moderated by the actor Mario Fuchs, and to help add some great atmosphere, the musicians Joao Carlos Pacheco and Aleksander Gabrys will provide a fitting soundscape. The glorious winners will be presented with the ultimate Basel culture package: a festival pass for Bildrausch 2018, as well as with tickets for Stadtkino Basel and Theater Basel. May the force be with you!

Registration: filmkaraoke(at)

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Friday 23.06.


Theaterplatz Basel


In case of bad weather in the foyer of the Theater Basel. 


The Bildrausch Festival Bag

Bildrausch is proud to be able to give its guests a specially designed bag for the first time – and maybe you can have one too! The design/art class 3E of Fach- maturitätsschule Basel has designed the bag especially for Bildrausch. Inspired by the needs of festival-goers and by other famous festival bags. The class chose advertising canvasses of past editions of the festival as the bag's raw material. Thanks to the selected material, each bag is unique. What's more: this cool bag can’t be purchased. But we will give away two bags every evening during the festival!

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Friday 23.06.

Bag raffle

In the film screenings of The Mutant and The Net