The Bildrausch Festival Bag

You're at the festival, you have a catalogue, a pair of glasses, and all sorts of other things that you want to bring along - but where do you put it all? In the festival bag, of course! Bildrausch is proud to be able to give its guests a specially designed bag for the first time – and maybe you can have one too!
The design/art class 3E of Fachmaturitätsschule Basel has designed the bag especially for Bildrausch. Inspired by the needs of festival-goers and by other famous festival bags, a new form was developed under the supervision of Dinesh Mehta and Judith Schnyder, and a prototype was tested.
The class chose advertising canvasses of past editions of the festival as the bag's raw material. Its stiffness, combined with its light transparency, creates an unusual effect. Thanks to the selected material, each bag is unique.
What's more: this cool bag can’t be purchased. But we will give away one bag every evening during the festival!