Hommage an Ruth Beckermann

The Poetry of the Ephemeral


In 2016, Ruth Beckermann won the Bildrausch Ring of Film Art for her essay film "The Dreamed Ones" about the correspondence between Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan. Now, Bildrausch is paying tribute to the brilliant Austrian essayist and with her oeuvre we will be kicking off the «Thinking/Space» forum, which is created in collaboration with Jean Perret. 


As a filmmaker, Ruth Beckermann captures the ephemeral nature of time, memory and identity, orbits around her characters and themes, lets herself be guided by intuition and association, and loves to be surprised. Her name represents a reality-facing, politically sensitive cinema – far beyond the borders of her native Austria. But the ways in which she expresses her visualised political concerns are manifold: from "classical" approaches to essayistic tapestries of time and space, and artistic leaps that transition documentary into fiction. Beckermann's films all share in common that they deal with history – by precisely observing present-day constellations. Be it in her preoccupation with Austria, Judaism or questions of personal and collective identity, or rather the way they are fractured. 


Bildrausch presents The Paper Bridge (1987), American Passages (2011) and The Waldheim Waltz (2018) and invites us to engage with Ruth Beckermann in the new «Thinking/Space» forum. 




The direct and informal exchange between filmmakers and audience members has always been an important part of Bildrausch. This tradition of providing a platform for debate is now being extended by a new fixture in our programme, the "Thinking/Space" forum. Here, we aim to set the stage for involved conversations and in-depth discussions. We want to give room to different approaches as well as to different sensibilities and cultures. "Thinking/Space" aims to look into the "tool box" of filmmakers and reveal their working methods – after all, these are what they use to create nothing less than their visions of our world. 


The first edition of «Thinking/Space» explores the dimensions of Ruth Beckermann's works. 


The new debate format, which among other things includes the projection of film excerpts and audience interventions, was devised in cooperation with Jean Perret, the long-time director of the «Visions du réel» documentary film festival in Nyon and current head of the film department at HEAD in Geneva.


Stadtkino Basel 

Saturday, 2 June 2018, 09:30 – 12:30 hrs 

Free Entry